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Gaia Gathering 2017

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Energy Work Across Traditions: From Drawing Down to Altered States

Keynote Address by Shelley Tsivia Rabinovitch, PhD

Saturday, May 20th. 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm in the Cascade Mountain Room


Pagans have historically kept their religious practices regarding DDM, hands-on healing, spellcrafting, and related practices hidden from the general population due to the fear of being attacked, misunderstood, or ridiculed. Similarly, many Indigenous cultures who use Altered States of Consciousness, aura work, and/or trance/possession, have hidden their knowledge for the same reasons.

Shelley Rabinovitch will be looking at trance and possession as legitimate modes of using energy accessed through different traditional technologies, focusing on Wicca, Yoruba, and James Bay Cree (Eeyou) practices.

Adapting to the Rhythm and Flow of Community Evolution as Leaders

Keynote Address by Hobbes

Sunday, May 21st. 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm in the Cascade Mountain Room

Pagan communities do not exist in a vacuum: they are affected not only by their own cultural shifts, but also by the surrounding non-Pagan cultures (technology, social issues, sexuality, pop-culture, dominant religions, etc.).

 As leaders and shapers of Pagan communities, how can we adapt to the rhythm and flow of community evolution, and how much can we contribute to shaping the direction of that rhythm and flow?