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Gaia Gathering 2017

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National Board of Directors

Secretary and Social Media Maven – Raine Hofer (Melbourne, Australia – Calgary, AB)

Raine is an overconfident space monkey that has been active in the Calgary pagan community for 10 years, and a dabbler in the Edmonton community for several. Raine holds a first degree with the Evergreen tradition and is currently pursuing a second. Having attended many festivals and conferences, she is well versed in the structural integrities of such events. Her mom thinks she’s talented.

Treasurer – Leesa Warner “Myst” (Kamloops, BC)

Currently residing in the Thompson-Okanagan in beautiful British Columbia, I have a varied pagan background. In 2006 I decided to study paganism more thoroughly. This led me to attend PanFest, just outside of Edmonton, AB for the first time (and haven’t missed one since). It was there that I met my first teacher and obtained 3 of the 5 circles of Sean-Ciall. From there I moved on to independent study of Alexandrian Wicca. After a life changing event in 2014, I found my place in the pagan world and have since been studying Thelemic Wicca. At home, I meet weekly with an eclectic group of friends to teach, learn, and practice magic. 

Lead Coordinator – Beverly Grusie-Titley “WolfHeart”

Beverley is a practicing Pagan who resides in Airdrie, Alberta. She found Paganism in 2001 after leaving the Christian church. She practiced as a Solitary Practitioner. Along the way she studied Shamanism and Wicca. In 2005 she found Spira, a Pagan group, in Calgary, Alberta. She began their learning program, and completed all levels of training. She became an Independence Root, based upon her affinity with Hekate. After leaving Spira, Beverley, became a Solitary Practitioner, once again studying Shamanism and Wicca. She found the Evergreen Tradition in 2010. In 2011 Beverley achieved her First Degree. In 2014 Beverley achieved her Second Degree with Evergreen, and is now working towards her Third Degree.

Andrea Sora Hunt

Andrea is a pagan leader, singer-songwriter, and executive director at a local wildlife rehabilitation society.  She co-founded and helped run the Calgary based spiritual group SPIRA for over 10 years before deciding to focus inwardly on her own personal journey.  During that time, Sora created ritual templates, wrote two learning manuals, organized and performed hundreds of rituals and events, managed a thriving pagan community, and oversaw the creation of quarterly newsletter.  Sora is an accomplished World/Celtic singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose 3rd studio album, Scorpion Moon (2013) charted on community radio across North America and was nominated for a 2013 Canadian Folk Music Award.  

As the Executive Director of the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, she has a varied role that includes volunteer management, donor relations, media relations, business administration, marketing, and accounting.  Sora brings a varied and valuable skill set that focuses on relationship building, community collaboration, and engagement.

Chairperson – Jennifer Taylor (Calgary, AB)

Jen has been in the Calgary Pagan community for 17 years, is a third degree with Evergreen Tradition and is a member of the board for Calgary Pagan Pride. Along with Pagan involvement she has a number of years that she has committed to volunteerism for causes such as Special Olympics and Autism Calgary.

About the Canadian National Pagan Conference and Gaia Gathering

The CNPC is a grassroots national Pagan organization founded in 2004. Each year the conference is hosted over the Victoria Day long weekend in a different Canadian city through a bidding process similar to the Olympics. Past host cities include Edmonton, Halifax, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal, & Toronto. This year, Calgary joins the list of host cities.

The conference is organized collaboratively by Canadian Pagans and includes three-days of discussion and workshops about our Paganisms – our Asatru, our Druidry, our Wicca and so on— and brings together Canadian Elders, community leaders, and interested Pagans or Pagan-curious for networking, discussion, and community. Traditionally, the panels and discussions have focused on the issues we experience as Canadian Pagans living in the 21st century, with special emphasis on the experience of being Pagan in the host city.

The CNPC is incorporated federally as a non-profit organization and operate with a national Board of Directors as well as a Local Host Committee.

Athelia Nihtscada

​Athelia Nihtscada lives just outside of Calgary, Alberta, Canada with her husband and pets. Her journey along the Druid path started back in 1991, and she is a member of the Sisterhood of Avalon, the  Order of Bards Ovates and Druids, the Henge of Keltria, the British Druid Order and the Druid Network. Athelia was the Founding Druid of Awen Grove between 2003 and 2014. She was initiated as a Third Order Druid with the Reformed Druids of North America in 2005. 

​She has become an expert in many fields of Celtic history, myth, legend and is particularly knowledgeable of the ancient laws of Ireland, known as the Brehon Laws. Her written work on Ethics and the Brehon Laws has been quoted and published in several publications about Druidry and Ethics. In 2015, she was interviewed by Scott Douglas Jacobsen of In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal, which resulted in a four part e-book about Modern Druid practice.   

​Athelia follows a Path of Service: Service to the Gods, Service to the Community and Service to the Self. (‘Self’ being used in the Jungian context of the higher self or complete self that comes with the practice of individuation.)  

About Gaia Gathering 2017

The Canadian National Pagan Conference (CNPC) invites you to join us in Calgary, Alberta for an inspiring weekend of music, ritual, workshops, and more to help you find your "Rhythm and Flow"!

This year's Gaia Gathering, the Canadian National Pagan Conference, will be held on May 19-22, 2017 at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Centre.

Address: 2120 – 16 Ave NE, Calgary, AB, T2E 1L4, CA
Phone: (403) 291-4666

Room rates are $109 for a king room down! Please mention that you are booking with Gaia Gathering 2017 when you call to get the special rate.

There will be over 40 vendors in attendance, an open public market, plus an amazing art display, so bring your spending money!  

Mary Ann Przeczek “Heather Dawn”

During a spiritual search, a friend pointed Heather Dawn the direction of Paganism. Research, and a business card, led her to Wicca and the Evergreen Tradition. Heather Dawn has been practicing the Craft since the early ʼ90s. Originally she worked with a friend’s coven in Edmonton. In 1996 she made contact with Evergreen Tradition and the Covenant of Gaia Church of Alberta in Calgary. Heather Dawn received her First Degree from Evergreen in 1999, her Second Degree in 2004, and her Third Degree in August 2014. She is one of Evergreen’s teachers, and is an active member of Evergreen’s Elders’ Council.

Member at Large – Sheena Mac Isaac (Ottawa, ON)

​Sheena has been to every Gaia Gathering so far. Starting in Edmonton at 21. She currently acts as a mental repository of history of the event along with her hoarding of past event Programs. She was a driving force behind Gaia Gatineau acting as local coordinator and continues her last year on the board as best she can while caring for 3 children under 5.

Jennifer Taylor

Local Host Committee